Musicfordance.com is a 10 album collection of inspiring, beautiful music for contemporary dance, modern dance and modern ballet. Featuring internationally successful composers and great guest musicians Michael Price (BBC Sherlock, Children of Men), Rael JonesRobert Taggart and Matt Robertson, the tracks range from mellow piano warm up songs, to class favourites with drums, percussion and great beats.

Albums 1-9 have varied and contrasting pieces for modern or contemporary dance class and choreography. Choreography One has 25×90 second tracks perfect for GCSE exam work, for both solo dances and group dances. It’s a great resource for dance teachers, students and choreographers at all levels. Finding good music for dance has always been difficult. Now you can listen to all these albums on Spotify or YouTube, and download single songs or full albums from iTunes.

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All of the Contemporary Dance Music albums are available from both iTunes and Spotify. Each one also has a sampler YouTube video.

Contemporary Dance Music Vol.1
Contemporary dance music vol.2
Contemporary dance music vol.3
Contemporary dance music vol.4
Contemporary dance music vol.5
Contemporary dance music vol.6
Contemporary dance music vol.7
Contemporary dance music vol.8
Contemporary dance music vol.9
choreography ONE

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